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Stepping Stones to Sucess  is a must read for those who want to learn from some of the most knowledgeable and innovative thinkers of our

time. Between the covers of this book you will

learn exciting new ideas about how to enrich

your personal and work life.


The Greatest Gift of All  is a Read-to-Me book. The inspiring and uplifting message makes us aware of the little, sometimes very big, but always important things in life that captivate our hearts, make us happy, and those we should always be grateful for. Sometimes, this goodness and special beauty goes unnoticed and unappreciated; in fact, oftentimes it stares us in the face and we don't see it. It's nice to be reminded of, and teach to our children, all the goodness that surrounds us.

Your Leaves Are Pretty  is a heart-warming children's book, (ages 5-9). Although the story is about the challenges young trees were faced with after being uprooted, from all over the world, and brought to the Capitol Park, in Sacramento, CA, it is a direct correlation to children going to school for the first time or attending a new school. This book offers fun facts, as well as invaluable lessons on anti-bullying and acceptance, but best of all, it is a most heart-warming story filled with compassion. Learn about the amazing trees and the surprising events that took place, which made all the difference in the world.

I read through local author Joanne Veeck's latest children's book, We Love You Just the Way You Are, and I must admit I had to hunt down a tissue before I could begin to write about it. This true story of a special needs boy named Adam is filled with honest and heart-felt dialogue between both the adults and children in Adam's life. We are given a glimpse of his struggles and his parents' inevitable concerns. We see how his family, teachers and classmates are captivated by his sweet spirit; and because of Adam, they learn to see people for who they really are. Filled with compassion, this story shows us the extraordinary gifts Adam offers to his famly and friends as they  grow to know and love him. In this climate of increased bullying, this is not only a must read for children-but for teachers of all levels and adults alike.    Shelly Bokman - Editor-in-Chief/Sacramento Parent Magazine



We Love You Just the Way You Are  is a book for people of all ages. It is a true story about Adam, a little boy who was born with special needs and the effect his life has had on so many people. 


Adam's disabilities are rare. The love and care he has been given is remarkable; however, the gifts Adam has offered to his family and friends are truly extaordinary.


As you read the heart-warming story about this exceptional boy, his family and his community, you will find yourself growing to love Adam for "the way" he is. And maybe, you will begin to think a little differently about the important things in life, people and even in yourself.


Available on - $11.95



                     Now Available! 

                            SEMESTER ABROAD

          A 230 page novel for Young Adults - based on a true story 


Semester Abroad  is based on a true story. A daughter of a top executive was expected to "keep to the rules," and follow in her older sister's footsteps. She did anything but that. Joanne talked her way into going to a relatively unknown college in Switzerland and then became entangled in a physical and emotional tug of war that took a shocking turn. 


From skiing at world famous resorts in Switzerland, to the ritzy Champs-Elysees Boulevard in Paris, the red-light district in 

Amsterdam, and many other European marvels, Joanne and her college friends experienced the full gamet of a semester abroad. Both individually and as a group, a thin tight rope was walked, barely balanced by a web of troubles, including a near-death accident and many close calls!


"Although Joanne Veeck's novel, Semester Abroad, is geared to young adults, I couldn't put it down, and I'm in my thirties. Heart-wrenching, suspenseful, romantic, and funny– this story is captivating and impossible not to love." ~J. Workman - Boulder, CO


Available on Kindle - $7.95



Can You Hear Us Now?, an exclusive children's book WRITTEN & ILLUSTRATED by school-aged children to HELP their peers learn how to wipe out bullying, love school and grow into successful/happy adults, is now available! 

In a stunning and positively entertaining fashion, twenty-six kids from all over the U.S. have joined forces to offer effective, and scientifically proven techniques to attain happiness beyond the wildest dreams. The readers will fall in love with each one of the co-authors, learn from their big little minds, and enjoy their colorful, and unique artwork. Thousands of hours were poured into this book/campaign for the sake of the kids. It will lift up spirits, give hope, and enhance their state of mind. Let this emotionally-educating book be the beginning of many more programs of its sort, to finally bring back the peace, not harm, that our youth so deserves!

 only $11.95


*For more information, to purchase a copy, or see reviews, go to



Happy–Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are is for children of all ages. It's extremely inspiring and takes education to a higher level. Its invaluable message is told in an extraordinary way. A young boy is not having a good day. An unexpected guest appears and invites him to play a game. He takes the boy on a surprising adventure, with an outcome that changes everything. Readers will be inspired to do better, try harder, and learn how to think in a way that will positively change their lives. They'll also be entertained by the many rhyming words, sayings, phrases and words within words. This book is truly "what the world needs NOW!" Now available on - $10.99

Jaclyn Workman, a teacher with a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology states: "I tell all my students that happiness is a choice. Here is a book that proves this! It exemplifies that choosing cheeriness is a lesson that is never too early to learn. Happiness isn't something that just happens to you. It's something you make happen with your attitude and actions. The Owl reinforces that we can control our emotions, no matter our circumstances. There is so much wisdom from the fun little sayings throughout the story, and it's a great example of choosing to look at the bright side and be happy. The beautiful illustrations are detailed and expressive. This is a fantastic book!"

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