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I am a 33 year old stay at home mother of three. I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend one of Joanne Veeck's seminars. She is a very inspiring speaker and I found myself hanging on her every word. As I listened I soon realized that her message would change the way I looked at life and the world around me. I learned to let go of the negativity I was carrying with me from my past. I was able to re-examine bad experiences and find the positive in them. I take care of my father whom I love very much. He suffers from anxiety and depression. I have been able to share the tools I have gained from Joanne's message to help him see life through new eyes. After listening to my new-found message, my nine year old suggested that "Grandpa talk to Miss Joanne so that he can feel happy." Joanne has also inspired me to try some new things that I probably would not have attempted in the past. I want to thank her for encouraging me to live life to its fullest with a positive outlook, not just simply going through the motions.  J. Hankins - Loomis, CA


The first time I invited Joanne to come and speak to my students about her message of how to be happy with yourself, I wasn't sure what to expect. Afterwards, the students as well as myself had a feeling of exhilaration and confidence. I wanted her to come back to speak with my other classes. A month later, speaking to over 85 students and 4 teachers, Joanne presented another successful message of how to be happy with yourself. When the day was over, I had everyone of the 4 teachers tell me how wonderful her message was. Ms. Slomski, our Language Arts teacher went further by saying this message wasn't just geared for teens, she herself was motivated by many of the inspirational stories. Mr. Duncan, a history teacher wanted me to make sure she'll be a repeat guest speaker next year. Our Resource teachers were overwhelmed and thought she had done an outstanding job.  C. Taggert - W. T. Eich Intermediate School

I'm currently in a semi-career transition, and Joanne has helped me to see my capacity to grow, change, and be open to the many wonderful possibilities coming my way. Joanne has taught me that I am the only one responsible for my actions that may continue to bring me hurt and unhappiness. The positive results of taking control of my thoughts, decisions, and actions are limitless. She has helped me to understand that if I want something different in my life, then it's a simple choice to make a change. Joanne motivates and inspires me to move in a more confident direction. Her energy and enthusiasm are always contagious. I believe that Joanne is very dedicated to her craft and is genuinely interested in helping her clients create the lives they truly want to have. What is Joanne's most recent advice to me? "Keep going Tracy!! You've come a long way!! Don't let anyone get in the way of your goals and dreams!!" Well, okay then, Joanne!   T. Johnson     Murfreesboro, TN  


Joanne has been the driving force of our group, WIW, which she started and leads. Since starting the group, she has worked tirelessly to better each one of our lives by sharing with us her beliefs in positive thinking and by motivating us to set goals and strive for carrying them out. Everyone of us admires her faith in the fact that happiness is within reach of every single person. She shares with us the methods she herself has tried and tested successfully and she has been our role model. She has inspired us to lead healthy and happy lives. She makes us recognize our strengths and value them. She encourages us, with determination and conviction, to believe in ourselves and to know the value and purpose of our lives. She not only cares about us, but also about our family members well being. She has advocated, successfully, for my special needs son's right to continue to meet his educational needs in his current placement. I will wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a purpose and direction in their life.       Sindhu M.   Rocklin, CA



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