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Joanne Veeck lives and works in Redondo Beach, CA. area as a certified life coach, author and keynote speaker. Since graduating from the University of Pacific (Stockton, CA) in Education, and spending a year of graduate school in Child Development (San Francisco State University), Joanne's passion to teach and help others has not waivered. In fact, it has intensified.


Joanne helped her father open and run a small chain of drug stores, in Sacramento, for 24 years. In her spare time she began researching, studying, and practicing the relatively new field of Positive Psychology. In 2001, she created "Happy Hour," a program for teens, and adults, to shed insight into the invaluable nature and life-altering effects of this new field. For 8 years, on her days off, she traveled to junior highs, high schools and colleges throughout California, and presented her one-of-a-kind, highly effective program.


In 2009, Joanne became certified as a national speaker and was asked to co-author Stepping Stones to Success (strategies for mastering business, life and relationships) with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Dr. Denis Waitley, and other experts. Joanne has also written and published 3 children's books that center on anti-bullying, compassion and acceptance. *(For more information or to obtain a personal copy, go to "Books.")


In 2013, Joanne created a large women's group, WIW (Women Inspire Women) in Rocklin, CA. She shared her knowledge, expertise and passion and helps women discover their inner strength for personal growth, success and lasting happiness. 


While there are other life coaches to choose from, there are few that are as passionate, knowledgeable or as determined as Joanne. She is dedicated in helping her clients reach far beyond their perceived limits and experience inner contentment of peace and sheer joy.



About Joanne

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